She was proper, appealing, fine and fair...
Hers was long and silky -- gossamer hair.
Her actions mysterious -- Her eyes taunted --
Yet the lovely lady did not flaunt it.
A regal body she carried well --
A thousand men -- she did fell.
She had grace, more than pleasing,
and a dimple deep - just for teasing.
This creature never lost her prime,
Delightful, comely, but lost in time.
If she were sad -- it did not tell;
The pretty woman hid it well.
Her enchantment was not only skin deep -
Mind and soul -- harmonious and sweet.
Grace and balance overflowed,
And with dignity, she carried her load.
Where she traveled, all would stare,
Knowing what they beheld was rare.
Such wit she had, to cause great smiles,
And dreamers dreamed their fondest wiles.
A noble abundance of heart and core;
She had all of this, and something more...
Secret rapture was in her mind,
Such as this -- may I also find?
Her mode of expression was unsurpassed,
And innate composure; she held fast.
The only thing I want to know:
Where did beautiful Asha go?


Oh you are the chapter I will never forsake,
And you are the reason for endless heartache.
You walked in the room and my troubles were gone,
You always came back to carry on.
How could I have been beguiled?
You made it happen when you smiled.
Then you were gone without a care
And I was left wondering, where oh where?
I had so much pain due to your neglect;
But not so much now, as I reflect.
You are the one that ended the chapter
And sealed the deal for ever after.
Who is to blame; is it me or you;
Are you capable of answering true?
A touch of bitter, and a mighty bit sweet...
One day we may know, if we should again meet.
I will carry the blame as well as sorrow;
And finish this poem if I awake tomorrow.

ĎSplendor At lastí

They walked amid the meadow & field
Seemingly invisible as if by a shield
Out into the wild green woodland they went
To answer the call of desire that was sent
On a blanket of grass they hungrily laid
And within her mind, pleasant memories played
She beheld the eminence of the azure skies
And a twinkle of fire in his emerald eyes
Under the heavens and whispering pines
A brief meeting of two unfathomable minds
The wind was singing an enchanting song
At this moment in time when nothing was wrong
At the voice of ecstasy white clouds drifted by
And an instant stood still for which one would die
Now sweet silence and a feeling of peace
Perplexity and passion had discovered release
He was Adonis and she was a queen
Within her face was reflected his dream
And in the close of this dazzling day
Words were nonessential to say...
A pure cool drink from a deep crystal spring
To the lips of her lover the lady did bring
She will never forget the splendor found there
Nor the sunlight that shimmered on his rich raven hair . . .

To Dance

Let the euphoric music make my body move;
I want to feel it deep inside every tiny groove.
Music in my soul fades the trouble and the tear:
Then my mind is filled with thoughts, sweet and crystal clear
Mind-soul-body; give me half a chance-
Within my ear the music...I just want to dance.

Donít Take My Love Too Far

I give my love freely, donít take it too far
If you want to hurt me, you should stay where you are
My love canít be stolen, sold, or even bought
And I am a teacher, such as you never thought
I would go to the end of the world with you
As long as the circumstance between us is true
I know what genuine happiness really should be
You could learn a lot from me
A thousand things taught me this weary tale
And I always learn my lessons so well
Do not abuse a heart so warm, please
It once turned to ice with natural ease
You may take my love to a distant star
But you must not wound it,
Donít take it too far. . . .

Happy Weeping

'May I hold you as we sleep tonight,
Can I give you comfort in my arms so tight?
We will know rapture as our bodies touch,
A feeling of joy, and I love you so much.
Come, let us lay on our soft feather bed,
Iíll hold you close as we slumber,' he said.
'Yes, I will go happily,' said I to he.
'It will be mutual pleasure,' he said to me.
And so we went, and as we laid,
I was joyful, and to God I prayed...
'Lord, thank you for the love of this man,
Please help me make him as blithe as I can,
There has never been another like this,
Now at last I have truly found bliss.
In my heart and body, I will let him know,
The seed of love planted will endlessly grow.
I pray we will see The New Kingdom together,
As one united, we shall be Forever'
So much essence and such to share
And the Guardian Angels were hovering there ---
I suppose my prayer was answered,
And just before my sleeping,
I realized that the tears I shed,
Came from Happy Weeping. . . .

One Fine Day

What did my dearest do to find me?
He swam the river and fished the sea . . .
He climbed a mountain and touched the gold sphere
While forever knowing I was somewhere near
He conceived and dreamed his fondest wiles
And sent a message across the miles
Though he knew that Iíd be hard to find
A seed of faith was in his heart and mind
He was searching for his perfect Love
And his intention, as pure as the dove
He had it all planned out this way
He knew heíd greet me One Fine Day
ďWhereís the one with deathless devotion,
the one to equal my deepest emotion?
I have so much to give and share,
Wherever is my Lady Fair?Ē
He wrote a song, and sang a tune
ďAround the rainbow, Iíll find her soon.Ē
My fiery spirit has burned the wind
Waiting for him so that I might mend
I want to give each part of myself
I jumped down off the dusty shelf
I have been riding a long slow train
Iíve been reflecting, and I thought, in vain ---
Who will pick me a bud as it grows in the vine
And give me love that I know will be mine?
I knew he was near, but could not let it show
For, he must find me, so we both shall know
This Lady has waited for a special name
To envelope with passion and ignite in the flame.
Iíve been so dreamy and up in the blue
I needed Gravity to pull me through
If you can read between the line
You will know whatís in my mind.
Fairytales and dreams come true
Just keep in touch with the essence of you
I see him near my castle gate
Not too early, not too late.
Yes, I see him there at last,
The Shining Prince whoíll hold me fast . . . .

© 2001 by Cathlyn Cross- Leming (All rights reserved).
All material written here is my sole original work.