The Midnight Writer 

Award Of Excellence

For Poetic Genius


Where does your imagination take you? 

Do you swim under the ocean and frolic with Sea Sprites? 

Perhaps you have visited Atlantis, or maybe you've had close encounters 

of the "irrefutable" kind. Can you gaze into heavens and comprehend 

the reason that each star has been given it's own name? Do you hear 

Ethereal voices on the wind, so sweet that it makes you sigh? Can you hear 

the voice of The Almighty when you hear the thunder roar or the lightening crash? 

Do you set your musing, contemplation, and proficiency to paper with a quill? I do all 

these things and more. Indeed, Poetry is a Divinely bestowed gift, fashioned to grasp the 

listener or beholder ---and to render one spellbound. However, Poetry is also a state of 

being, and a Poet is a wonder in itself, not necessarily made of words.

Poetry just ~IS ~ Imagination is the key to all things. 

This is the reason my award is given as an award for Poetic Genus. Perchance you 

are a Poet and I would love to sojourn with you and examine your thoughts and 

creations. I hope to find that your conceptions are as unbridled and free as a wayward gale. . . .

Quite possibly, we are Kindred Spirits. Where do you abide that I may visit?

Thoughtfully yours, 

~ The Midnight Writer 

My award has been bestowed upon very few sites without their application.

If you wish to apply, please review the criteria listed below.

 Criteria For My Award 


The signing of my guest book is NOT a requirement for receiving my award

(1) Your site must be easy to navigate

(2) You must be able to grab my attention and hold it

(3) No site which has Satanism, Witchcraft or Occultism of any kind will be eligible

(4) I would like to see deep intuition and creativity within your work

(5) No racism, hate or sexually offensive content will be eligible

(6) Have an interesting design and layout

(7) There can be no copyright infringement nor plagiarism

(8) All written material must be your original works unless specified

(9) Site must be in English, or offer an English version

(10) Send me an email with "Award" in the subject title, and the URL of your site for review

If you receive my award, please don't copy it from this page... I will send you the award. 

Thank you ;-)


Due to a illness, the Award Recipient Page is updated very infrequently. 

If you receive confirmation that you have been chosen to receive this award, 

rest assured that I will get around to it when my health allows.




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