"Hell's Bells"

When Hellís bells are a ringing,
Will Heavenís door be closed,
Is there one among us
Who can more than just suppose?
Thereís no man who is spotless . . .
No not even one;
As Hellís Bells are a ringing,
Who will stand or run?
I think I hear them loud and clear,
I need to get on out of here,
Ringing closer, very near,
Taunting madly in my ear.
I donít conclude that I will flee,
For they will always follow me
Down into the pit of blazes --
I have been through hideous phases.
So if my time is over,
And I donít fare too well --
I did my best, was tested and tried,
And life on earth is Hell.

"Night Sounds"

I can hear my heartbeat in the stillness of the night,
I am very fond of this, it makes me feel so right.
Different images of things Iíve done and said,
Are captured and recorder by the mind within my head.
I can hear the night-bird as he sings his lonely song,
A touch of pure serenity that never steers me wrong.
And so, as the clock ticks, the moments swiftly fly,
A time such as this is the very reason why...
Buried in the dead of night, I donít worry whatís to come,
Night sounds sedate my soul and makes my sorrows numb.
I can think so clearly, in the tranquil cloak of night,
Itís the finest time for me--- to ponder and to write.
The hushed tone of obscurity can hold me here for hours,
Itís my special place, my insight richly flowers.
I know what I shall do, if tomorrow I awake,
Iíll remember night sounds, and the things I have at stake.

"The First Call"

When I heard the call of the Night Bird
on a long ago evening,
It was mournful, melancholy,
and gave me an airy feeling.
Happy, yet so shadowy
was the essence of this lonely song,
This rhapsody was meant for me,
and to me it must belong!
How difficult to define it was,
the conception that came to me,
The beauty of this Night Bird,
and how it set me free.
I listen as the season comes
to adore the Whippoorwill,
It has always come to me,
incessant is the thrill.
Surpassing other feelings,
it is heartfelt, elusive & real.
An emotion that only he can bring---
so deep, reflective, and still.
I cannot put down in words
the wonder that I feel,
The first call of the Whippoorwill
is enchanting and ideal.


Oh you are the chapter I will never forsake,
And you are the reason for endless heartache.
You walked in the room and my troubles were gone,
You always came back to carry on.
How could I have been beguiled?
You made it happen when you smiled.
Then you were gone without a care
And I was left wondering, where oh where?
I had so much pain due to your neglect;
But not so much now, as I reflect.
You are the one that ended the chapter
And sealed the deal for ever after.
Who is to blame; is it me or you;
Are you capable of answering true?
A touch of bitter, and a mighty bit sweet...
One day we may know, if we should again meet.
I will carry the blame as well as sorrow;
And finish this poem if I awake tomorrow.

"Donít Take My Love Too Far"

I give my love freely, donít take it too far
If you want to hurt me, you should stay where you are
My love canít be stolen, sold, or even bought
And I am a teacher, such as you never thought
I would go to the end of the world with you
As long as the circumstance between us is true
I know what genuine happiness really should be
You could learn a lot from me
A thousand things taught me this weary tale
And I always learn my lessons so well
Do not abuse a heart so warm, please
It once turned to ice with natural ease
You may take my love to a distant star
But you must not wound it,
Donít take it too far. . . .

"One Fine Day"

What did my dearest do to find me?
He swam the river and fished the sea . . .
He climbed a mountain and touched the gold sphere
While forever knowing I was somewhere near
He conceived and dreamed his fondest wiles
And sent a message across the miles
Though he knew that Iíd be hard to find
A seed of faith was in his heart and mind
He was searching for his perfect Love
And his intention, as pure as the dove
He had it all planned out this way
He knew heíd greet me One Fine Day
ďWhereís the one with deathless devotion,
the one to equal my deepest emotion?
I have so much to give and share,
Wherever is my Lady Fair?Ē
He wrote a song, and sang a tune
ďAround the rainbow, Iíll find her soon.Ē
My fiery spirit has burned the wind
Waiting for him so that I might mend
I want to give each part of myself
I jumped down off the dusty shelf
I have been riding a long slow train
Iíve been reflecting, and I thought, in vain ---
Who will pick me a bud as it grows in the vine
And give me love that I know will be mine?
I knew he was near, but could not let it show
For, he must find me, so we both shall know
This Lady has waited for a special name
To envelope with passion and ignite in the flame.
Iíve been so dreamy and up in the blue
I needed Gravity to pull me through
If you can read between the line
You will know whatís in my mind.
Fairytales and dreams come true
Just keep in touch with the essence of you
I see him near my castle gate
Not too early, not too late.
Yes, I see him there at last,
The Shining Prince whoíll hold me fast . . . 



© 2001 by Cathlyn Cross- Leming (All rights reserved). All
material is my sole original work.