"Cathlynís Metaphoric Dream"


I spoke to the Brook, she replied to me,

"Listen as I sing so eloquently:

My melody is happy---my excursion good

Life is rolling as it will, and should."

I sat there soundless and dwelt upon this,

Was so delighted by the swift cool kiss.

My spirit was nigh the creamy white Cloud---

As I stood transfixed, it informed me out loud:

"Observe things closely my dear Earthly friend,

you will wish to see me again."

I sauntered along, and the Heavens did thunder,

I became bewitched by the spell I was under.

A Lightening flash tore my pleasant mood,

The blinding Wind dished me rotten food.

I was drowning in the icy cold rain,

I felt Iíd gone entirely insane.

I ran to the Forest seeking my haven,

and what I met there was an ominous Raven.

"Oh bird of doom , please show me a way;

This is not where I wish to stay."

He leered and mocked at my feeble words said,

Preened his feathers, turned his ugly head.

I wouldnít surrender to this ghastly hour,

And I could find no sweet scented bower.

Somewhere I stumbled into a warm dark cave,

but the direction there was entirely Grave.

Although I was out of the pitiful mire,

I discovered the flame of my own Funeral pyre.

Now my will had left me, and I didnít even care,

Barren but for ghosts and bones, in this awful lair!

Then all my Strength forsook me, and my body fell,

With an abstract state of mind, I acknowledged Hell.


Alas I was awakened--- after many Years,

I was alone with Nature in a thirsty field of tears.

Something in my slumber took me through a door---

Somewhere in my dreaming, I was caught by Ancient Lore.

Twilight was presenting, in itís proper prime,

I had no way of knowing any sense of time.

The winsome wind was singing, and offered me a Rhyme,

And then I understood at last, the Earth was Me and mine!

When I pulled myself up off the ground

I stood and looked boldly all round . . .

There was naught for me to fear,

Kindred Spirits were everywhere.

However I was a bit perplexed

But I rejoiced, no longer hexed.

I peered into the Cosmos, it was well and good

I wondered if I shouldnít, but I knew I would

"Oh lovely Cloud, I entreat you now,

Answer this riddle, for you know how-

I donít know why this has come to pass,

Please give me comfort and answer fast."

"See the Moon---how full she is,

Watch the Comet, see it whiz-

Yonder is a Star--- it bears your Secret Name

Distant is a Galaxy for you alone to claim . . .

You were tested and utterly refined,

But you were never left behind . . .

This is a candid confidence, betwixt myself and you

You survived the Quagmire, and proved yourself as true.

All the beauty you behold, far up into Heaven

Is a subtle morsel that only you can leaven.

You must remain here my child, and unite with I ---

On the Magic White- Winged Horse, you shall surely fly.

You shant sojourn away from here, you must play your tune,

You were elected unanimously, Oh Guardian of the Moon . . .

There has been much suffering in your darkened soul,

Yet this is what was destined from the Time of Old;

But the splendor you see now, with your enlightened eye

Are precious ornaments bequeathed to you in the azure Sky.

When the radiant Orb comes out to shed her beams,

And the elevated paradise yields her finest schemes

You will know your destiny---and as the Prophecy deems;

Happiness is yours to bestow;

for You are the Goddess and Giver of Dreams.

"The Essence Of Me"

Do not wish to betroth me

And bury me in your grave

I innately know:

You are but a knave

I perceive the truth of it all

And what is meant to be

So do not attempt to smother

And quell the essence of me.

"I Celebrate The Night"

Oh the jumble of the daytime is breaking once again:

And I can't help but wonder why the light is not my friend

Captivated by the darkness, and to me it's clearly shown

Sprits dwell around me, I know I'm not alone

In the utter stillness, the melodies are close

Madness is the daytime, it makes me so morose

Twilight is so lovely, midnight is so dear

I perceive it clearly, time is resting easy here

But I gaze upon the curtain & the light is breaking down

And confusion of the daytime is such a grisly sound

Some believe I'm wicked, and surely they are wrong

Can't you feel the power in the body of this song?

You may think I'm crazy, but I don't think your right

Excuse me from daytime, I celebrate the night . . . .


"Pure Gold"

Thereís a fair lady, Iíve known forty years,

Iíve seen her laughter, Iíve seen her tears. . .

I watched her work on a washboard, as the cold wind


I knew I beheld someone special, with a steel backbone.

No, I never heard her complain of her endless labor,

And the salt of her love has only gained flavor . . .

Sheís a tiny woman, not much bigger than a mite,

But mess with her loved ones and youíll lose a big fight!

I suppose her aim must be to please,

She does it with grace, she does it with ease . . .

I canít understand how she survived this long,

With all us children, and all head strong.

I know how she does it, my Heavens above

Her soul and body are made out of love!

She was pretty in youth, now beautiful with age,

And I admire her too much to put on this page . . .

She has a quality of humor you canít find any longer,

Her generosity and kindness grows ever stronger.

All of her family loves her so much,

She is always there as a living crutch -

She is everything good, one way or another:

I know for a fact, for she is my Mother.

I will assume you donít need to be told,

The lady has a heart that pumps pure gold. . . .

"Forest of Darkness"

Long ago and far away

I met an Emperor on a warm winter day

It seems like a hundred years ago

Maybe longer, I just donít know

We rode the land on his noble mount

And made such memories I cannot count

The shining moon on the horizon told

That an epic love would soon unfold

And yes indeed it was thus and so

Emotions deep, good and slow

What a perfect place to be

As he slept so close right next to me

A faultless state, was what I thought

But lessons soon were to be taught

It was finished as fast as hell

Quicker than my lips can tell

Why on earth did this befall

My jumbled brain cannot recall . . .

It was lovely for such a short a while

And all the time he did beguile

Was it the passion in his sweet kiss

Or his sterling character that I miss?

Into the forest of darkness I fled

To answer puzzles that filled my head

Searching for remnants I couldnít explain

And I ached with the torrents of the icy rain.

But in my heart I realized

He never gave me alibis

Where lies the blame that made it go?

No fault to speak of, this I know

Was he afraid of what he felt

Did his heart also fairly melt?

I kept the faith, as I ever do

And it has always brought me through

Oh thank you Heaven, for here I see. . .

The handsome Emperor has returned for me

I behold within my sight

From the forest of darkness into my light . . . .

"Pardon Me"

Oh cursed is the life in which we are born

And woe to the hypocrite who's wool is not shorn

Shame on the one who takes and not gives

Pity the lame and the poor while he lives

Disgraced is the soul who will not heed The Book

Forgive the sound eye that won't bother to look

Bless the old Hermit who lives in the wood

For shunning tradition as all of us should

Joy to the spirit who strives to do right

And lead us from darkness into The Light

Forgive us all for the wrong we have done

And give us the Wisdom to follow Your Son

I am plagued with a heart that is tender & warm

It is surely difficult to be riding this storm

I pray Not for flowers as I lay in my grave

But a pardon from Heaven for the good that I gave.


© 2001 by Cathlyn Cross- Leming (All rights reserved) All material written here is my sole original work