"Fisherman's Blues"


Oh Lord, I've got the fisherman's blues...

Infected from my hair to my worn out shoes.

I sure do hanker to catch a big fish,

The bigger, the better is my dandy wish.

I got a big contest coming my way:

And I wanna win that buddy Sunday.

Too many people try to say it's just luck ---

But, it's skill and strategy, you can bet your buck.

I've got my tackle, and I've got my bait,

To catch the biggest... I can hardly wait.

I've worked and tried as hard as I can;

I already am a winning fisher-man.

So, I'll truck on up to Lake O' The Pines

And try for the prize that ought to be mine.

I'll have these blues until I'm done -

The day I weigh in the biggest one.

And if I don't hold up one of the finest bass ...

All of you suckers can KISS MY ASS !!!!!!

(for brother James. Good luck & Love)

"A Butterfly"

Pop always used the word 'flighty' for me -

Some siblings say, 'footloose, fancy free.'

My Ma doesn't even know what to think,

And neither does my expensive shrink.

My X husband said I am ' bubbly and fun,'

My best friend knows I am under the gun.

'Born with a curse,' thinks a sister of mine:

Yet, an older brother feels I am 'fine.'

Brother James once called me 'dumb' -

Too many opinions make my mind numb.

A couple of nieces know I am ' great'

And professional folks know that I rate.

Most people don't know how they feel -

Guys with crushes think I'm "unreal."

Ones that I help Do call me 'swell' -

Those that hate me, proclaim me "hell."

No one really knows what to think about me,

Perhaps I'm a butterfly ... on LSD.


I donít need anyone to drag or let me down---

Just when I start smiling; you give me a frown.

You donít know what to do with yourself,

or a clue where youíre going;

But Iím as free as the northern wind,

and Iíll just keep on blowing.

I look in your eyes, see a grave angry void,

Distorted minds are already destroyed . . .

I will leave you now to your world of hate;

Iíve gotta leave--- the time is late.

Oh you hurt me to my very core,

And you will see my face no more . . .

I wonít die in your state of mind,

Iíll go elsewhere, and fortune Iíll find.

I really donít need you, and you wonít take me out---

Youíre too shallow; you donít know what itís about.

"My Epitaph"

Here I now lay, in peace at long last,

I am no more haunted by the ravaged past;

I have no pain - and sorrow hath fled...

All of my trials have now been shed.

I am truly happy to be where I am -

As silent as the pearl in a clam.

Earthly goods could not change my way-

I am nestled in the cool earth today.

This is a joy to know I'm relieved;

I knew this in life, so please do not grieve...

I have anxiously awaited my own special time;

Eternal rest is now finally mine.

"Splendor At Last"

They walked amid the meadow & field

Seemingly invisible as if by a shield

Out into the wild green woodland they went

To answer the call of desire that was sent

On a blanket of grass they hungrily laid

And within her mind, pleasant memories played

She beheld the eminence of the azure skies

And a twinkle of fire in his emerald eyes

Under the heavens and whispering pines

A brief meeting of two unfathomable minds

The wind was singing an enchanting song

At this moment in time when nothing was wrong

At the voice of ecstasy white clouds drifted by

And an instant stood still for which one would die

Now sweet silence and a feeling of peace

Perplexity and passion had discovered release

He was Adonis and she was a queen

Within her face was reflected his dream

And in the close of this dazzling day

Words were nonessential to say

A pure cool drink from a deep crystal spring

To the lips of her lover the lady did bring

She will never forget the splendor found there

Nor the sunlight that shimmered on his rich raven hair . . .



I sit in contented solitude,

and my mind is clear to wander-

Thinking thoughts that reach from here,

and follow on to yonder. . .

I find there is no level end

to the road of life and death;

We go along with shackles and chains

Till soon we have no breath. . .

But as long as I have realized-

no longer I'm confused;

Fortunate to discover early,

"In life we all are rused."

© 2001 by Cathlyn Cross- Leming (All rights reserved) All material written here is my sole original work