"The Eleventh Hour"

Dear Lord,
Now that weíve had a catastrophe,
We are speaking and praying to God,
And all of this seems well and good,
But I find the scheme rather odd...
Have I thanked You and praised You incessantly-
When times were ever so good?
Have I spoken to You upon rising first thing,
As every one of us should?
You know that I am a sinner,
And my list of faults is so long-
But Father, I love You in good times and bad,
And this is such a desolate song...
Way back yonder when I was in school,
You were allowed there too-
Will You now be readmitted
Since the only Teacher is You?
People are running this way and that
Your name is more oft on TV,
More lips are speaking Your name again,
In fear of the enemy...
Will these times get worse or better?
All the answers are there in Your Word-
But what scares me most of all Dear God
Is that most of Your reports arenít heard.
Now we come to the Eleventh Hour,
And everyone rallies around;
Will we be ready to stand face to face-
Will our hearts be steady and sound?
I pray to You most humbly OH God,
In the name of Jesus Your Son,
Help me resist temptation-
And from evil rapidly run...
Oh please donít judge me harshly
For saying these things to Thee
I only want to greet You chastely
Ever so desperately...
I know I should have been praising You
When times were seemingly well,
But never let me neglect Your signs
For it is with You Whom I wish to dwell....

Your Daughter, Cathy
September 15, 2001


The only thing more powerful than The Word

is the absence of it.







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