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I am happy to announce that my poem, THE LOOKING GLASS, won first place in the "If I Could Change The World Contest" at Wolfie’s Poetry Forum, January 01, 2002. I would also like to humbly thank John Lyon for the beautiful set of limited edition prints which I recieved as my first place prize. Visit their sites by clicking their names... You’ll be glad you did!

Earl H. Earle Bingley 1-1-02

The Poetry Junction, Feb.7 2002

The Poetry Junction, Feb. 12, 2002

Thank you Kitty Kane- This is so sweet! Feb. 13, 2002

Thank you Serenity!

I recieved this award 4/27/02. Thank you my friends...

From Tom Hughes, 4/27/02. Thank you for finding me worthy of this beautiful award!

Thank you so much Samantha, for this truly beautiful award.
You thoroughly honor me! 08-14-02

Thank you so much Madame Lady! This is absolutely georgeous. You do me too much honor! 8-17-02

Thank you so much Rose. 4-28-02

May 20, 2002. Thank you Tom, I am thrilled with this!

Thank you Rose, for this charming award!
What a lovely surprise...9-8-02

Dear Sam, thank you so much for this completely beautiful award.
Once again, you fully honor me! 10-7-02

~~Thank you Tom, you’re a sweetheart...
Once again, you honor me. 10-23-2002~~~

Received from Fantasy Fights. Feb. 8, 2003. Thank you very much!

Poetry Contest, March 2003. Thank you ladies!

Thank you, Today’s Woman! Nov. 2004



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